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Synergy Angler kayak

Synergy “angler” fit

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The Fluid Synergy kayak features a soft tri-hull that is super stable. The keel makes the Synergy track in a perfectly straight line while the hull has enough rocker to make it maneuverable when needed. The kayak is at home on the ocean and rivers as on flat water. The lifted bow punches through waves with ease, while the unique stern design creates stability when surfing waves or when standing still.The Synergy seats 1 or 2 persons and has a 3rd center seat for a small passenger or for use when paddling solo.

The kayak has molded-in footholds to suit a large range of paddler sizes. Four drain holes get rid of water that splashes in the kayak.  The Synergy kayak is fitted with four handles to make it easy to handle in and out the water.A sealed hatch in the middle and rear of the boat keeps items like keys, cell phone, tackle or gear perfectly safe and dry. The recess on the stern is designed to hold cooler boxes, as well as a wide range of dry bags and fishing bags. Bungee cords are added on the bow and can be used to stash some extra items or hold your paddle when stationary out on the water.

A wide range of fittings are available on the after market to tailor fit your Synergy kayak for many uses.They are commonly used for day touring, mild white water rafting, cray-fishing, playing in the waves or just cruising the waters for fun or photos.  The Synergy is very stable and easy to onto in deeper water where your feet cannot touch the bottom for help to jump up.The outfitting is finished off with a drain plug for draining out water after a wash or leaking into the boat if you left that hatch open.  A range of swivel loops are fitted around the outer edge of the kayak.  These can be used for securing thigh-straps or a grab-rope around the boat.  A buoyancy kit can be factory fitted for seaworthy compliance and a certificate will be issued.  Click HERE to read the Fluid warranty.

Synergy angler kayak side

Standard Version:  4 x handles, closed attachment hooks, bungee cord in front, 2 screw down hatches.
“Angler” Version:  Fitted additional with 3 rod holders, 1 x paddle park, adjustable anchor trolley, bungee cord at the rear.
Optional: Canvas seat, SAMSA approved buoyancy kit

Length: 385 cm    –    Width: 84 cm  –  Weight: 30 kg  –  Paddler weight range: 200 kg , 1 or 2 persons  –  Color Options: Yellow – Orange – Light Green – Blue – Camo

synergy user guide

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