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Legend Kappa Kids Kayak

The Kappa originates from the Kwazulu Natal surf.  This kayak is ideal for kids to safely learn kayaking and experience the joy of sliding over the water….. or ripping across the face of a wave.  Or for the not so brave….. a great toy in the pool!  The Legend Kappa is virtually indestructible and will last generations.



  • Bungee Cargo Area
  • Carrying Handles
  • Drain Plug



  • Length:       254cm
  • Width:          54cm
  • Weight:        10kg
  • Capacity:      40kg
  • Colours:      Red  Yellow   Orange   Blue   Green   Mixed Colours



Stability:                   3.0 / 5
Speed:                      3.5/ 5
Tracking:                  3.5 / 5
Maneuverability:    4.0 / 5