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Kayaking Links

  • SAKFA                                                    South African Kayak Fishing Association
  • SAMSA                                                   South African Marine Safety Association
  • Wind Finder                                          Weather Forecast – Used by most Fisherman
  • National Sea Rescue Institute           Sea Rescue – Saving Lives
  • Kayak Fishing SA                                  Fishing from every angle by Mick Clarke
  • Kayak Fishing KZN                               Dedicated to fishing ski angling in KZN
  • Great American Days                          All About Kayak Adventures and USA Kayaking Links
  • Best Fishing Kayaks                            Good USA based kayaking website
  • Choosing The Best Fishing Kayaks   Informative USA Based Kayaking Website & Blog – Ask Tony Harris
  • Animated Knots                                   Learn to tie knots for fishing, boating and household uses
  • A Scout’s Guide To Boating Knots     Security and safety often rest on the type of knot you choose to use and the quality of the knots you tie in your line. Recommended reading by scout Jacob Woods

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