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    It’s simple, it’s cheap and you’ll catch more fish!

    With no motor to scare them off, the fish won’t know you’re coming.  No petrol costs, no trailer required, no crew needed and easy to handle. Go places power boats can’t, in rocky shallows, over shallow reefs, up narrow streams and channels, and over prop snagging grass.  Our range of angler fishing kayaks are stable enough to land the big one, rigged and ready to fish!  The deck layout is practical and simple for fishing.  Just by getting to the back-line, your catch rate improves ten-fold.  The sport of catching fish from a kayak has become more and more popular not only local but all over the world as well.  It has also become a popular sport with the ladies and younger generation because of the simplicity of the sport.  Anyone can do it.

    There are more fish out at sea than there are in the surf zone, so paddling out behind the back-line to the fish is a big plus. But what really makes it attractive is how simple it is and low cost!.  It’s a one person job to load, offload, launch, beach, and fish from your kayak, so gone are the days of hauling heavy boats, long hours of preparing and endless boating hassles.  Cleaning of your kayak takes 5 minutes and with the added bonus that the sport provides and promotes an active and healthy way of life, so you need no excuses not to go fishing.  You are now doing exercise and not just sitting around waiting for the fish to bite. You can launch your kayak, fish, clean your kit, shower and make it to work by 8.00am and feel great!

    Then there is the price issue of a kayak.   A lot cheaper than a boat and all the rest of the kit that goes with it and, it should last you 10 years or more if you look after it.  If you live up-country or a distance from the coast, your holiday package requires just a few extras like roof racks and a set of tie-down straps.  Pack all your kit in the hatch and you have the ideal fishing and fun tool, ready when you reach your destination.  Not forgetting that you can fish on your local dam or lake and get to those never been fished before spots.  Not only is it easy to transport but it’s very easy to store as well.  Just a simple rack in the garage or store it down the side of your house where it’s out your way.