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What we do:

We supply a range of sit-on-top recreational and fishing/angling kayaks.  We now also supply specialist wave surfing and whitewater kayaks.  At a small/ subsidized fee, we will deliver these kayaks to your home or holiday home address with a courier.  Because we deliver directly to your address we save the costs of maintaining and running a retail shop and storage and pass these savings on to you.


We will:

  • deliver your new kayak to your home address or holiday home.
  • answer any questions you may have on kayaking. If we do not know the answer, we will find it for you.
  • advise on fitting and rigging of kayaks.
  • give you advice or an honest opinion on any make of kayak you may have interest in, whatever the make.
  • put you in touch with any club, group, association or body if you need help.
  • source any accessory you may want if we cannot supply you immediately.
  • give you the best price for the range of products we supply.
  • provide you with after sale service as quick as possible and do whatever it takes to keep you kayaking safely.

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