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MARIMBA Single Fun, Training & Touring Kayak


SPEED…. that’s what the Marimba is all about. It is not a racing kayak, of course, but as far as recreational sit-on-tops go, this is probably the fastest on the market.

The hull is sleek and it glides well. It has been designed to cover long distances. It is easy to keep on track, yet takes minimal effort to turn. The bow cuts through choppy water, and the peaked, high-volume deck resurfaces quickly when punching through waves. Apart from being fast, the Marimba it is also very stable. The hull is designed to handle ocean swell, open water crossings and also moving water. Even when you get tired and your technique sloppy, you can be sure that your stability won’t be compromised.

The deck is typical of all Vagabond’s sit-on-tops. It has a really comfortable Seat and the feet are positioned lower than the bum, making it easy to sit in it for hours. It has the full range of features and fittings that you find on most of our sit-on-tops, like three 8” Hatches, loads of multi-fits and Bungee Cords, a Paddle Rest, six Handles, scupper-venturisenturis and an adjustable, sturdy Footrest.

The Paddle Cutaways on the deck, combined with the narrower hull, results in a very natural paddling stroke. If you are a racing paddler used to a wing paddle, this is a rec kayak that absolutely allows proper wing paddling technique.

If you want a sit-on-top kayak that is fast, stable, easy to paddle, great for fitness training, and capable of paddling long distances and multi-day expeditions, the Marimba is as good as you can get.

The Marimba is long and narrow, much like a cross between a recreational kayak and a surf-ski. It is built for speed and performance but is loaded with features. It is the perfect kayak to paddle for sport and fitness where you want stability with speed and the versatility to also take it on a multi-day touring trip, on the sea or down a river.  The paddler is Ray D. Chaplin and this was his first paddle with his Marimba.

Marimba Kayak Gallery


Length 460 cm
Width 67 cm
Height 40 cm
Weight 27 kg
Ideal paddler weight 65-110 kg
Max. carrying capacity 150 kg


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    While smaller children will find this kayak large to paddle and manoeuvre, it is suitable for older children and teens.


    The Tankwell is a great spot for your dog.


    On flat water, the Marimba is fast. It offers both speed and comfort for a full day out on the water.


    A great boat for touring with speed, comfort and sufficient storage space for multi-day trips.


    If angling is your sport, we recommend the Marimba Angler version.


    The Marimba has the right pedigree to perform on open water and ocean. The speed, stability, and manoeuvrability allow it o surf ocean swells as well.


    Although the Marimba will get you out through the breakers and back in to shore in style, it wasn’t designed to cutback or ride tubes.


    Enjoy a trip on rivers with small rapids and scenic flatwater sections. This kayak is not optimal for big water and large rapids

    Extreme quality – bespoke fittings to last a life-time