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We supply sit-on-top kayaks and deliver to your address or holiday home. The kayaks that we supply are modern designs and incorporates the latest technology for a safe and fun experience on the water.  The raw materials used in manufacturing ensure you get a quality product that will last you many years. The Polyethylene (plastic) contains UV filters to help prevent colours from fading in the harsh African sun.  All kayaks carry a standard 3-year manufacturers warranty. 

Sit-on-top kayaks are very stable on the water with no need to try and balance to stay on top.  They are easy and safe to use and tough as nails!  SOT’s are designed with safety and stability as a priority…. rather than speed.  Even though some models are really fast over the water, they are not designed or built for competitive use.  Some kayak models are available in a “standard” and “angler” version.   Angler models are fitted with an additional “angling kit”.




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Single & Double Adult Kayaks:

PROTEUS – Single Kayak,  Teen, Adult, Fun, Sea, Surf, Estuaries, Dams, Rivers, Rapids, Max 120kgs

NESSYDouble 2-Seat Kayak, Family, Fun, Sea, Tour, Estuaries, Dams, Rivers, Rapids, Max 220kg

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KRAKENSingle/Double, Fun, Sea, Tour, Rescue, Estuaries, Dams, Rivers, Rapids, Max 160kg


BIG HORN3 Seats, Family, Fun, Safari, Touring, Estuaries, Dams, Rivers, Rapids, Max 420kg

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BOLT –  Single Kayak, Speed, Training, Fun, Sea, Estuaries, Dams, Rivers, Max 125kg

Angler & Fishing Kayaks:

PROTEUS Single, fishing/angling, sea, estuaries, dams, rivers, rapids

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MAKARASingle, inland & mild sea fishing, estuaries, dams, rivers

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NESSY2 Seater/Double, inland & sea fishing, touring, estuaries, dams, rivers, rentals

TSOMO: Single, fishing/angling, sea, estuaries, dams, rivers, rapids, 120kg

KASAI: Single, fishing/angling………………

TARKA: Single, fishing/angling, sea, estuaries, dams, rivers, rapids, max 110kg 
Production delayed – available mid January 2019

MARIMBA: Single, fishing/angling………………

Surfing & White-Water Kayaks:

DUMBI – Easy-to-paddle, fast planing Wave/Ocean Surfing Kayak.

PUNGWE – White Water boat, thrives on technical & lower volume creeks.  October

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USUTU – Sit-on-top White Water boat for beginners & advanced.  Jan 2019

VUBU – Creek boat, the bigger & more technical the water, the better!  January 2019