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TSOMO “Angler” Single Fishing Kayak


The Tsomo Angler has all the great qualities of the Tsomo “standard” version, together with fishing-specific features.

At 2.75m long and 80cm wide, the Tsomo Angler is compact and convenient to transport. This is a playful kayak that is responsive to paddle strokes. It turns on a dime, cruises on flatwater and is a pleasure to paddle.

The large Tankwell has Crate-holding Indents. These hold a crate or cooler box in place so that it doesn’t slide around in the tankwell. Use Bungee Cord, tie-downs or rope and our Multifit fittings to secure your gear. With the tankwell and 8″ Screw Hatch, you can stow all the gear you need for a long day of fishing.

The Tsomo Angler comes standard with two Rod Holders, which are located behind the seat. Each rod holder has a Multifit positioned close by for securing your rods while paddling.

Aluminium Deck Rails are installed on either side of the stand-up platform to attach fittings like a fish finder, rod holder, GPS and other accessories. Using these, you can customize and personalize the deck for your activities.

To complete the angler capabilities of the Tsomo, an Anchor Trolley is also installed on the right side of the kayak. Use this to position your anchor to keep the boat in the perfect location and angle.

The Tsomo Angler is perfect if you don’t need to paddle long distances and/or do not have storage space for a longer boat. It is also a great all-round fishing kayak for older children and young teens.


Length 275 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 38 cm
Weight 19 kg
Ideal paddler weight 40-95 kg
Max. carrying capacity 120 kg

Tarka Angler – Kayak Gallery 

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    Getting in and out of a Vagabond kayak



    Not too big and not too long, the Tsomo Angler is a child-friendly kayak that they will enjoy paddling. Its width gives this kayak superb stability, while the Paddle Cutaways allow it to feel narrower and smaller than it is and make it comfortable to paddle for small arms.


    The rear Tankwell is spacious and has enough space for a medium-large dog to climb onboard. If the dog prefers to sit, rather than to lie down, line the tankwell with a foam mat to prevent their paws from slipping.


    A playful kayak, Tsomo Angler has both forward speed and the ability to turn on a dime.


    The Tsomo is not a touring kayak; you’d be better off with a Kasai, Marimba or Tarka.


    This angling version of the Tsomo comes fitted with two Rod Holders. The Deck Rails allow you to customise the deck by adding your own accessories like a fish finder, GPS device or additional rod holders. An Anchor Trolley is also standard with this model. The Tankwell also has Crate-holding Indents to hug your crate or cooler box. Secure to the deck by attaching rope, cord, tie-downs or bungee cord to the Multifitsdistributed around the tankwell.


    The Tsomo can cut through breakers and ride the swell but if you’re keen on spending a lot of time paddling on the sea, then the longer Kasai Angler will be more suitable.


    Your Tsomo Angler will get you in and out of the breakers, but if you would like to get into doing pan-ams, floaters, and airs, our Dumbi kayak is the one to take to the beach.


    You can take the Tsomo Angler down rivers and enjoy tripping sections with small rapids.


    While we don’t recommend paddling the Tsomo Angler from a standing position, use the Stand-up Platform to stand, stretch your legs and enjoy a height-above-water view to check out your surroundings, while you’re out on the water. This feature also makes getting in and out of this kayak a lot easier.