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The 4 very capable paddlers in this short video demonstrate the speed difference between the Marimba, Kasai, Tarka & Tsomo kayak models


The Marimba (green) is on the far left. This is our longest and narrowest and, as a result, our fastest kayak. Perfect for fitness paddling, river tripping and expeditions.

The Kasai (green) is on the inside of the Marimba. It is 50cm shorter than the Marimba, it has a bit more width and, as a result, more stability and weight carrying. An awesome all-purpose kayak for dams, rivers and sea.

The Tarka (pink) is second from the right. Somewhat shorter than the Kasai (60cm shorter same width), it is a bit slower. When you’re paddling normally and not at a flat-out sprint, there is little speed difference between the Kasai and Tarka. Like the Kasai, this is an awesome all-purpose kayak suited to smaller (<90kg) paddlers.

The Tsomo (khaki) on the right is our shortest and widest kayak for adults. It has very good weight carrying capacity but not as much speed as its siblings. It is a playful and awesome kayak to paddle for recreation, fishing and bird watching but is not the one for long-distance paddling.

Paddlers are:  Celliers Kruger, Alex Wagner, Lisa De Speville and Inke Kruger.

Thank you to Jeremy Green for shooting the drone footage.

Vagabond Marimba Kayak
Vagabond Kasai Kayak
Vagabond Tarka Kayak
Vagabond Tsomo Kayak