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How to fit a kayak battery

In this example of fitting a battery to the Bamba kayak, I have used high density foam.  Off-cut pieces can be obtained from foam mattress manufacturers.  Most Towns will have shops cutting and  selling foam mattresses. Rubber manufacturers such as Natal Gaskets in Durban or Sondor Plastics in Sebenza on the East Rand is also a good option.  High density foam is light, non absorbent, strong and does the job perfectly. The foam block I started with measures 190mm long, 175 mm wide and 110 mm high.  Doing the cut-out for the battery is a little tricky.  I used a broad hack-saw blade and very sharp kitchen knife.  Take your time with this and cut bits and and pieces, fitting the battery as you go along if  at first your cut was not 100%.   The battery should fit flush at the top and +-5mm off the front edge.

The battery I used is a 12Volt 7ah 20 hours, sealed lead acid battery.  They are commonly used as home alarm or gate motor standby batteries.  Smaller batteries can be used as the 20 hours that I get off this one, running a fish finder continuously, is over enough.  They can be fitted upright, sideways or up-side down as they are sealed and cannot leak.
Block of high density foam with the bottom shaped to hull profile

The battery holder must be inserted into the rear round hatch and fitted to the rear of the vessel, underneath the rear tank-well.  Be sure not to cut the foam too small as the battery holder must fit in fairly tight.

Cut out size of battery.  Some of the foam edges will need to be shaved a little to match the profile of the hull.

Battery slides in tight Let the front of the foam holder stick out +- 30 mm so he battery terminals are exposed and can be reached easily by hand.

Bungee can be fitted to secure the battery further.


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